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Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Minutemen and Illegal Immigrants

Next week the Senate and Congressional leaders will return to the drawing board and attempt a fix to illegal immigration. It is doubtful that during an election year coupled with partisan bickering that this important, yet divisive issue will be resolved.

In the meantime Latino organizers are divided as to how to proceed with the May 1, 2006, conomic boycott. Immigrants are being asked to stay home, not go to work, not attend school and not engage in any purchases of goods and/or services. The intent of the protest is to send a message that demonstrates just how much illegal immigrants contribute to the nations economy.

The possibility of an amnesty even if it is being proposed at a time when the State of Georgia just passed a new laws that will negatively impact illegal immigrants is likely to draw in new illegal immigrants. This mixture of good and bad news will certainly contribute to a heated and controverial summer that will result in further protests and more economic boycotts. The prospect of a possible amnesty even if it is uncertain may lead to increased illegal immigrantion as more attempt to enter the United States via its vas 1,952-mile border.

The increased immigration as a result of an amnesty occured in 1986 and if this happens again it will likely lead to more migrant deaths in the deserts of Arizona before the end of this year. As I've previously reported more than 3000 immigrantes have died trying to enter our borders. The increase int migrant deaths is related to increased vigilance and security fences in the Border of San Diego and Tijuana.

Encouraged by the border fences of San Diego the Senate now proposes to spend more than $2.2 Billion Dollares to construct more than 700 miles of fencing in five zones at the border of Mexico and Arizona. The anti-immigrant group the Minutemen Project who advocate for fencing the entire border have sent a letter President Bush indicating that if he does not build the fence, they will.

The last time such an ambitious fencing project the US Government contructed 170 miles of fencing at the California border. The fencing in San Diego is believed to have contributed to moving immigrant traffic to the remote regions of Arizona. The 700 mile Arizona fence has already drawn harsh criticism from environmental groups who indicate that the fence will affect wildlife habitat in those regions. If the building of the fence goes thru it will bring the total miles of fence to approximately 900 miles. The border between Mexico and United States consists of 1,952-miles.

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