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Friday, April 28, 2006

Finding Beauty

(This post inspired by the beautiful Zadi Diaz)

Although most of my work as a Consultant involves interpreting complex but mundane sets of rules and regulations that pertain to the Workers' Compensation industry in California, that fact is sometimes lost on a few long term clients. These clients will often seek my opinion in areas in which I'm not quite so comfortable interpreting or analyzing.

This was the case recently when one of my clients who is seeking to re-launch a Spanish Entertainment monthly which he recently purchased. The magazine is titled FamaLatina and sort of an Entertainment Weekly covering the Spanish entertainment industry both in the United States and Latin America.

Ironically, I chose to discuss this potential assignment with some of my male friends who are married and as I related the potential assignment they quickly considered that I was "insane". All considered this a "dream job" and said "Man, just enjoy the duties".

I was requested to evaluate photos of 10 models and pick 6. The selected 6 would grace the covers and pages of the first 3 editions of the magazine. Now, don't get me wrong, I find beauty in all women and that is precisely my dilemma which this assignment presented. How does one select the 6 most beautiful women from a potential field of 10. Ok, I admit perhaps for someone else this would be quite easy, but I'd easily suggest find a way to include all 10.

Karmagrrl posted this video which helped me better understand my ambivalence. One of her commentators provided me a final reason here as to why I could not contribute to the potential insecurities of the 4 models not selected and add to their possible decision to alter or modify their already existing beauty.

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