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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Immigration and Video


Type "immigration" and click search on YouTube and you will find over 2600 videos on the subject. A similar search on Google Video will net you just 581 videos. YouTube provides various tools to sort the results by date added, view counts and user ratings. The most viewed immigration video on YouTube is an animation video which places the current immigration debate during the time of the Pilgrims. The best rated is a video of Led Zeppelin live in concert with their rendition of Immigrant Song. Google Video by comparison has less videos but, I tend to find their videos of higher quality both in terms of balanced debate and education.

Although all of YouTubes videos are free, most of Google's are also free. Google has a few from the exceptional Charlie Rose his videos are here and here. The aforementioned videos can both be purchased at a cost of $.99 per video. The videos are about 57 minutes in length and in my opinion excellent pieces and well worth the cost.

The Ben Wattenberg and his Think Tank immigration videos at $2.99 are "pricey" in an era of free video on the internet, but excellent intellectual pieces that address how immigration is remaking the American mainstream. These videos discuss assimilation and contemporary immigration issues.

Lastly, the HDNet World Report: Illegal Immigration video ($.99) featuring former President Jimmy Carter are a visual feast and focus on immigration in Africa and the US.

If after diving into the deep intellectual abyss of immigration you need to clear your head just check out Zorro69's video of Snow White and El Tao Tao.

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