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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Immigration and Video


Type "immigration" and click search on YouTube and you will find over 2600 videos on the subject. A similar search on Google Video will net you just 581 videos. YouTube provides various tools to sort the results by date added, view counts and user ratings. The most viewed immigration video on YouTube is an animation video which places the current immigration debate during the time of the Pilgrims. The best rated is a video of Led Zeppelin live in concert with their rendition of Immigrant Song. Google Video by comparison has less videos but, I tend to find their videos of higher quality both in terms of balanced debate and education.

Although all of YouTubes videos are free, most of Google's are also free. Google has a few from the exceptional Charlie Rose his videos are here and here. The aforementioned videos can both be purchased at a cost of $.99 per video. The videos are about 57 minutes in length and in my opinion excellent pieces and well worth the cost.

The Ben Wattenberg and his Think Tank immigration videos at $2.99 are "pricey" in an era of free video on the internet, but excellent intellectual pieces that address how immigration is remaking the American mainstream. These videos discuss assimilation and contemporary immigration issues.

Lastly, the HDNet World Report: Illegal Immigration video ($.99) featuring former President Jimmy Carter are a visual feast and focus on immigration in Africa and the US.

If after diving into the deep intellectual abyss of immigration you need to clear your head just check out Zorro69's video of Snow White and El Tao Tao.

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Hector said...

interesante esta comparaciĆ³n de resultados de videos con la palabra o tag inmigraciĆ³n.

saludos desde Barcelona

Hector Milla

Anonymous said...

hola, here's one for fun.

Anonymous said...

Spanish-- yet ANOTHER reason to hate the Beaners

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Anglo and Proud of It, the Gringo who haunts your dreams at night

Anonymous said...

The rant from 'anonymous' is a perfect example of why the world regards the average white american as being closed minded, cultural bigots with the IQ of a door knob. All the best to anyone who values cultural and lingual diversity from an actual English person. PS thanks for your advice on immigration videos - I'm looking for resources to use with my Geography students.

Burkey said...

Holy crap. I apologize to everyone who had to see the despicable comments aired here by some creep who doesn't have the cojones (or ovaries) to print his (her?) name. Sounds like a guy to me.

Whoever it is is sadly deluded. I say this because he thinks we have good radio here, first of all. And he apprently hasn't heard some of the frickin' awesome rock en Espanol that comes from the so-called border. Hey, Mr. Redneck Crackerhead. You think you're patriotic? I think you're a disgrace to my country. And by the way, that 'border' you and your ilk like to spout about? Could you show that to me sometime? An aerial shot would do fine. Just show me where that line is. Can't find it? That's 'cause it doesn't exist. It's completely in your, my, and our government's imagination. There's nothing there. God didn't put it there. It is a figment of government invention.

Oh, and how about our corrupt US government putting Mexican corn farmers out of business by flooding the market? That's a good one. But it's the immigrants' fault for coming here to find work, yeah!

You're disgusting and you make me ashamed. All the things you say in your post are things you might very well apply to your own self. If you are walking around with that much hatred in your heart for people you do not know, you should consider consulting a therapist, shaman, or priest.

I LOVE Southern California because we have so many of these cool people here. They are so much nicer than white folks in general, more polite and don't have phones stuck to their ears in public places (disgraceful and rude behavior). They make eye contact at four way stops. They work their asses off. If these folks were not so much a part of Southern California culture I doubt I would enjoy living here that much. I for damn sure wouldn't relish living wherever you live, though. The United States of Hate.

Burkey said...

Oh, and Spanish is a beautiful language. Wish I could understand more of it. But it is definitely more melodic than English (let alone the clackity-clack of Chinese).

Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Federico Garcia Lorca, Miguel de Cervantes; they beat the crap out of Steven King, puhleeze. And when was the last time Anonymous went to see a movie in Spanish? I'll betcha Anonymmous is one of those cultural geniuses who can't do subtitles. He's for sure never seen the phenomenal filmmaking that goes on all over the world. I got to see the submissions for foreign film oscars one year and was blown away by the incredible movies being made around the globe. Way better than the Terminator crapola that passes for filmmaking in Hollywood.

No, Anonymous simply isn't educated or experienced or well-traveled enough to know that there is great art and science and tradition alllll over the whole world. No wonder he's anonymous. I'd be ashamed of such ignorance too.