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Friday, April 21, 2006

Border Patrol a Sept. 12th Response to Illegal Immigration

A new Flash based game titled Border Patrol is making the rounds on the racist blogs and websites as well as making it onto the local news. If it were not for the current debate on illegal immigration the shooter type game would not be garnering this much attention. The objective in Border Patrol game simply says: "Keep them any cost!".

The player then proceeds to try to shoot as many Mexican Nationalists, Drug Smugglers and Breeders (a pregnant mother with kids) as possible.

The first phase of the game starts off with a pregnant mother running accross a desert screen with child and an infant in tow. A bullet riddled "Welcome to the United States" sign with a makeshift sign stating "Welfare Office...this way" is posted this side of a small river. If you shoot the immigrants the more they come and faster accross your screen. If you stop shooting the immigrants begin to run slower somehow making themselves easier targets. At the end you obtain a score consisting of how many of the 88 illegals you shot. A message reads: "Alright Paco Got a Greencard?".

I visited which is a resource for commentary on video games from a critical perspective. Here are some of the commentary regarding Border Patrol.

Chico Queiroz says:
In some ways, Border Patrol reminds me of September 12th. Both make comments on US policies towards foreigners, and both have only one possible action: shooting.
Matt Barton wrote:

In the virtual world it represents, it seems that not shooting the immigrants causes the game to assume you yourself an immigrant (I got a low score and received the message, "Do you have a greencard, paco?")

A member named Karl Rove said:

My complaint is that this game isn't realistic at all. I once shot a pregnant woman crossing the border at it made a much bigger mess.

Big Ice D said:

Um... anyone doubting if this is racist or not should take a look @ the flag on the sign post. It has a star of David in place of the 50 stars and 13 bars, suggesting the stereotype that Jews control our nation.Imagine if it were a flash game where you flew planes driven by Saudi's into buildings full of Americans, trying to rack up a body count. That would end this "is it racist/offensive" argument right away.

DG said:

All this hatred towards Mexican immigrants and none towards the cheapskate farm and factory owners that hire them. Someone mentioned something about supply and demand. Perhaps if American business owners were willing to pay a living wage, perhaps there would be no need for Mexicans to "do the jobs Americans won't."
I'm very concerned about creating a permanent labor class that has none of the benefits of citizenship. You should be too.

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spcoon said...

and if you hit "back" on the bottom of the page, you get a screen called "racist games" with four other doozies, like the game "eddie murphy in: african detroit cop"


Tony Herrera said...

Yes, the games are hosted on a White Aryan Brotherhood website.

It's hilarious because it has a disclaimer stating words to the effect that these games are racists and that one should close this page you are offend by the content. The disclaimer goes on to state that these games are protected under the 1st Ammendment.

The amuzing thing for me is how much discussion has been taking place in the blogosphere concerning whether or not these types of games are racist. Some compare it to GTA and other shooter type games like September 12th and ask "Whats all the fuss".

Anyone who does not consider these games to be racist should be pointed in the direction of the Aryan Brotherhood's disclaimer. The organization has openly described themselves as a racist organization and if they themslves claim that these games are racist, then heck whom am I debate that very notion.