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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Big Brother at WalMart and Sam's Club

At a time of war and while the civil liberties of our citizenry are threatened. At a time when the Bush Administration continues to insist that warrantless wiretaps are constitutional a bizarre story on the unintended consequences of "spying" comes to us by way of Pennsylvania.

This story involves Glenn Harcsar an English Teacher and his eight-months pregnant wife. Harcsar and his wife were stopped while shopping at a Sam's Club in Monroeville, PA.

“You've been identified by our scanning system. You're not going to be allowed to purchase these items and you must leave and never come back. Otherwise, you will be prosecuted.”
Harscar reported that security personnel told him they had him on tape at there store, as well as stores in Tarentum and Greensburg. Harscar was informed he would not be allowed to purchase the items contained in his cart and requested to leave. The General Manager and security personnel did not provide Harscar an explanation on what he had done wrong, nor why he was being asked to leave the store.

So far WalMart and Sam's Club have refused to explain exactly what happened. Harcsar was given an apolgy and offered a "letter" which he can carry and show security personnel in the event he is ever stopped at one of their stores. No details concerning Sam's Club and WalMart's "scanning system" were provided.

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Druv said...

Walmart Manipulation in India

WalMart has taken its monstrosity to a whole new level by buying out the politicians and using our Tax money to Establish UID system to tap into the information of all the people of India.

This system would have given them access into the lives of all the people of India so they can feed off their lives to sustain themselves for a long time.

This monster has to be put down soon!