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Monday, January 09, 2006

Outlook of Work Comp 2006

What can we expect the Workers’ Compensation industry to look like in 2006?

Will 2006 be a better year for our industry now that some of the Voucher cases are starting to reach Counselors?

We intend to address these and other pertinent questions within the next few weeks. Today, we just want to wish everyone a Happy Holiday Season and wish them the best for the coming year. Happy 2006!

We here at Herrera & Associates have spent the better part of 2005 developing new services and entering new markets. We’ve made preparations to enter the Photo Copy Service, Interpreting and Translations, Transportation Services, as well as Durable Meds. All of these services are set to launch on March 2006, with the exception of Durable Meds which will be launched in the Fall of 2006.

We have also spent time collaborating with DataHouser, BetterBytes and 3rdIConsulting. We worked on several new software and technology tools for our industry that will be publicly released in May 2006. Those users of MyQRR Case Management Software and DateForecaster products will find a number of new tools developed by our Lead Programmer, Lavalle Houser.

We would also like to highlight a few companies that bring you Time Management and Productivity Tools. They are listed below and provide a number of worthy tools that smart businesses should integrate. - A killer 3rd party email tool.

OneWorkComp - Tools, Resources and Web based applications, Set to launch Feb 2006.

NextPage - Need to share a Document? This is the Document Management Solution.

Lastly, Marion Richardson, President of OBRA has committed to having his Board of Directors evaluate and perform a comparison test of all the Case Management Software Systems currently available for Counselors. They will compare DataRetriever, MyQRR and VRO, and all the software vendors have indicated that the recent DWC Supplemental Job Displacement Benefit Voucher Forms are now available. The results of the comparison will be published on this blog, the OneWorkComp and OBRA websites the last week of March 2006.

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