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Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Good Day at Soccer

Yesterday I posted the "Sad Soccer" video, as evidence off how even world class athletes can have that dreaded "off day", when nothing seems to go right. The great thing about sports is that there is always another game and the opportunity to rise above your obstacles, opponents and taste the sweetness and exhilaration of triumph, so I thought it would be fitting to post what a "good day" at work looks like. This video showcases Beckham, Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Carlos, Zidane and more demonstrating their amazing soccer skills.

This video is courtesy of the new Google Video service. I found a few motivating and inspirational videos on the Google Video service, which employs a keyword search to find videos. I found a few interesting videos by typing keywords like "breakdancing", "motivating" and "inspirational". I actually managed to find four videos when I typed "workers compensation", two were news reports on the matter and the two others were short promotional videos one from a chiropractors office and the other from an attorney on the east cost promoting his law firm. I'm quite sure that eventually someone will upload videos of injured workers, with their identities masked, and show them performing all manner of physical activities they purportedly can no longer perform. It is already evident that people are willing to upload all sorts of video content and the number of videos is rapidly increasing. Google will delete any pornographic and material that they deem "inappropriate", but I'm sure that the video material made available on the internet, not just by Google will grow at a very fast pace within this year.

At the moment we can enjoy the fact that browsing thru the limited selection makes it easy to pick out a good video amongst 5-6 choices, imagine what it will be like when those choices are hundreds or potentially thousands of videos all found when you type the keyword of "funny". I'm quite certain that by then the "geeks" over at Google and other internet companies will implement some form of "ratings" system besides providing us with number of viewings or downloads of the video, which allows anyone willing to act as a judge to cast a vote ala Roger Ebert and help their favorite video gain in internet popularity.

Until then I can rejoice in the fact that browsing for good videos is fast and simple albeit because of the limited number of videos currently available, but make no doubt about it, video has hit the new internet and it will take over from now, whereby our computers will begin to look more like our TV's. This reminds of the old saying, "the only thing constant is change".

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