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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Have you been Firefoxed?

If for some stroke of total misfortune you are still using Internet Explorer (IE) on you computer. Please STOP and take action. You are to be forgiven if perhaps it came pre-installed on your computer and you don’t consider yourself an early adopter and thus never considered alternative browsers. However, just because Internet Explorer came pre-installed in your Windows machine does not mean you should'nt consider alternative browsers to IE.

The fact is there are a number of excellent browser alternatives to Internet Explorer. The best alternative and in my opinion the best browser is Firefox and it comes with built in features to protect you from malicious viruses, spyware and those dreaded pop-ups.

I’ve been a faithful user of Firefox for over 2 years and the feature that most attracted me to the browser was the ability to engage in tabbed browsing. Microsoft recently announced that Internet Explorer 7 will finally feature tabbed browsing, but why wait.

Do yourself a favor and get Firefoxed, trust me you and your computer will love it and explore the world of extensions. The extensions are small software add ons that allow you to monitor anything from multiple email accounts, stock prices, sports scores and even post to your blog all from within your browser. Once you go with Firefox you will likely never look back at Internet Explorer again.

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