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Monday, January 09, 2006

Diminished Earnings Capacity Evaluation

Kelly Winn of Kelly Winn & Associates in association with PowerTek Learning Center located in Anaheim, California will he hosting an educational seminar on Diminished Earnings Capacity Evaluations (DECE). The seminar will cover fundamental assessment and evaluations for injured workers who warrant Diminished Earnings Capacity Evaluations or Future Loss of Earning Capacity Evaluations. Kelly Winn will address the current trends and issues facing Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors who provide these types of services. The seminar is geared towards Vocational Counselors currently working or seeking to provide these types of services as well as Defense Attorneys and Applicant Attorneys looking to better understand this increasing, but controversial area of business. The seminar is scheduled for Friday, February 10, 2005. For more information and to register for the event contact Roberto Jarosanian at PowerTek Learning Center. He can be reached at: (714) 502-0146.

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