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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Dani. My Favorite American Tourist!

Although I was born in Mexico, I've lived in the US since turning 8 years old and consider myself an American. I've always held my birth country and heritage close at heart and fortunately my work has provided me an opportunity to visit some 28 states in the Republic of Mexico, as well as all of Central America.

Aside from the wonderful friendships and memories that these trips have provided me, I was always pleasantly surprised to encounter tourists like Dani Rotstein during my visits and work in Mexico and Central America.

For me Dani embodies the spirit of adeventure and good nature that I so admired in Americans. My first contact with Americans was in Mexico. As a child, I lived in Baja California and would often encounter American tourists who would travel into our remote region in their recreational vehicles. These Americans were often following the Baja 1000 races and as a child I'd often awaken to see these large recreational vehicles down the road from our home.

The sight of these Americans would set into motion the adventurous spirit of a 6-7 year old and I would then enlist my friend Memo and together we would drum up the courage to approach them, which would often yield us a bounty of candy, chocolates, small toys and once a boxed Disney puzzle.

One time an American man gave us a box of thick rubber bands. He looked at Memo and I and said in his broken Spanish that he would pay us 1 US Dollar for every Horned Toads we could bring him. Memo and I, quickly set out and promptly brought back a bag filled with some 6 lizards from which my take was treasured 3 US Dollars.

Once home I told my parents about our adventure and that American and his lizards. My folks were a bit perplexed at the fact that some American would actually pay good money for a few lizards, thus my story took a bit of retelling to be believed, but nevertheless they were quite pleased with their entrepreneurial son.

Somehow Dani's video and his American spirit brought out those memories. For that I say, "Muchas Gracias, Dani!"

Song: "Para No Verte Mas" by
La Mosca Tse Tse

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