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Monday, May 22, 2006

Alberto is "Unclear"

Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez told CNN's Wolf Blitzer that he is "unclear" whether his Grandparents legally or illegally entered the United States.

I propose that we promptly begin to torture the "truth " out of him. No, but seriously, if it is determined that the Gonzalez family were in fact "undocumented immigrants", then Congress should expedite a comprehensive immigration reform bill and thus retroactively grant the Attorney General a retro-style immigration amnesty for him and his family.

Once that is done, Bush can at a White House ceremony grant Alberto Gonzalez the first "Guest Worker Visa".

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Chris said...

Great post! Hey, I'm commenting here to ask you if you don't mind my republishing excerpts from your Jan. 25th comments on my LEAVWORLD blog re: my illegal immigration rant. As I re-read them now, they fit in with the lines of what I want to focus on in a future post. Drop me a comment on my blog if you don't mind. Just a courtesy, I know, but I wanted to check out your blog again, it's been awhile. Great stuff, as much as I can read of it. No habla Espanol, though my fiance can translate for me.