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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Lawrence G. Hrebiniak: The Mismanagement of America, Inc.

Do you believe that we as American people have become politically lazy? Do you believe that most people are too busy with our daily lives and don't pay nearly as much attention to the actions of those who govern them? If you answered "Yes" to any of those two questions then Wharton Prof. Lawrence G. Hrebiniak has a message for you on how this nation needs to change the error of its ways.
I agree with most of what Prof. Hrebiniak states in his 27 minute interview and it's well worth watching it. Unfortunately, his message is unlikely to be carried far and wide, as most of us are too busy to digest the commentary of Prof. Hrebiniak. As an American society we like our news and punditry in easily diced and served dishes just like the MSM feeds us on a nightly basis. Sure, we can argue that Prof. Hrebiniak's message can be carried, "far and wide" on the Internet but sadly even there readers get lazy and if they can't skim through the info, few of us venture to wade deeper, into the thick of the it.
In the process our government officials are on a path that will bankrupt this nation. Our government has been incapable of leaving their grubby little paws out of the Social Security Trust Fund and MediCare. The situation has worsened since September 11th which led up to the War on Iraq on which we now spend Billions without any clear end in sight. In the meantime our economy and financial systems become a disgrace. To add insult to injury our National Security is not any better off than before the terrorist attacks of September 11th and in fact may actually be worse off than before.

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