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Sunday, June 04, 2006

Can I Swim in Your Pool?

The weather is getting hotter in L.A. and this has led to more frequent visits to our sisters home in Norwalk, CA.  My sisters home has a very large yard with a faboulous pool.  Our family has an unspoken policy which allows sisters and brothers the ability to show up unannounced, provided they bring food and drink, and partake of the pool. 

The "unspoken policy" generally results in what can only be categorized as a long-drawn-out-pool-party with any number of family and guests coming and going, without any real start or ending of the festivities.

The fact that I'm heading over to my sisters myself, also unannounced reminded me of The Swimmer starring Burt Lancaster.  Over at, the We-Make-Money-Not-Art website someone posted a beautifully shot web narrative of John Cheever’s short story.  The narrative is done by filmaker Maya Churi who also did Letters from Homeroom.  Churi's voice narrative and the story line is captivating and wonderful.  The interactive web short runs about 40 minutes, but is well worth the time.

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