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Saturday, June 10, 2006

3rd World Farming. A Deadly Game.

Imagine how difficulty it would be to try to earn a living and raise a family as a farmer in the Third World.

Do you fancy yourself to be educated, smarth and resourcefull? You think it's really not all that difficult? If so, then give the 3rd World Farmer game a shot. Lets see how well and how long you and your family lasts.

How many seasons will Mr./Mrs./Miss Farmer John endure? How long before drought, disease or civil unrest devastate your crops, kill off or worse just come along and steal all of your harvest and livestock.

If you are lucky you may be able to feed your family and keep starvation and disease at bay.

I was fortunate to last 46 seasons, but my success came at a high expense which was the loss of two of my children to disease. Once I reached some measure of success, the militia stole most of my livestock and belongings. After several seasons of struggle, I was able to achieve limited success, but had to agree to burying toxic waste on my land and growing illicit crops in order to raise enough capital to properly invest in my farm and livestock.

The civil unrest in my country once again led to a loss of most of my livestock and farming tools which sadly coupled with drought ended in the starvation of my entire family.

It may have been just a game for me but, sadly for farmers all over the Third World it is anything but a game.

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