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Saturday, April 21, 2007


Pobreza, originally uploaded by Memo Vasquez.

"Poverty" reads the title.

The text reads:

Poor amongst the poor.....

A child, at his age, alone at his home, waiting for a mother to return with something in her hands to eat. many signs of poverty.....the inflated stomach, the scraggy dog and the look of anguish.

Poor amongst the poor....

Stare at the image.

Imagine the daily life of this child. Imagine what his future holds. Try to imagine that you are the parent of this child. Imagine that as fate would have it, sometime, most of the time, your child will go hungry.

Now imagine that a "Promise Land" lays just North of you. This land lays at most a few days journey. It beckons you, tempts you, forces you to cast your gaze towards it's horizon.

Imagine how long it would be before you began your journey North?


kyledeb said...

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Anonymous said...

Me da mucho gusto que mi imagen sirva para reflexionar en algo tan duro como la pobreza, la indiferencia y la migraciĆ³n. Saludos.
Memo Vasquez